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Eagle Priority Insurance Agency

Medicare Supplement, Prescription Plans, AARP, Life and Health, Accident Insurance

Eagle Priority Insurance Agency offers insurance from Anthem Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, Mutual of Omaha, Allianz , Americo, United Healthcare, United Healthcare Medicare Solutions, AARP, Illinois Mutual, Symphonix Health Insurance,

Brokers Alliance, Aetna Senior Supplemental Insurance, United Farm Family Life Insurance Company, Assurity- Accident, Critical Illness, Accidental Death Benefit, Cancer Expense, Life Products, Annuities, Voluntary Employee Benefits, Hospital Indemnity, Disability Income.

With the Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield we offer to assist you in the event that you are in an accident.

We offer supplemental benefits to cover your out of pocket medical bills, sutures and other expenses.

This can also be bought with health insurances and can help the individual to feel at ease when faced with high deductibles.Accident is unplanned and happens unexpectedly and unintentionally typically resulting in damage or injury. In the event you are involved in an accident we will make the process seamless and by taking away the hassle and worries.